For us, the concept of sustainability is to increase economic efficiency with social equity in the distribution of the means to add value in preserving and sustaining the environment. Sustainable development must be taken seriously, we want to meet the maximum needs of the present without compromising the society, the economy and future environment. It is in this context that this IRC network borns, which has been set up as a platform for contact between sustainable design, technology and people towards a more efficient, ecological and fair planet.

There is no irc network specifically dedicated to sustainable design, technology research and automation. While there are many IRC networks, some with thousands of users, none follow a clear philosophy on the urgent need to promote, disseminate and contact man, nature and machine.

IRC has been around for many years and never died. Networks like "freenode" clearly show the potential that IRC still has to give. The irc technology allows certain functions to other means of communication who have difficulty to main. Take skype example, teamspeak or even facebook, the capabilities of your computer start to become more limited. This happens because most new technologies charge the system. While Skype and other programs of online communication platforms are proprietary, IRC is a free protocol that works on any device or any operating system.

Several. The first novelty of our irc network is the bounce service that allows not to miss your conversations even when no internet connection is there. On facebook or skype, you can consult the previous conversation, and even receive offline messages too. The future irc does exactly the same thing but with twice privacy. The other novelty in our IRC network is the venus AI bot that allows you to search, automate processes, schedule tasks or contacts. None of your current communication systems allow this functionality.

Probably safer than any other forms of communication used currently. The irc network uses SSL for encryption of traffic between your device and the server. Furthermore its activity on the network such as private conversations are not stored on our servers, unlike other means of communication like gmail, facebook, or even SMS messages.

  • The online chat page provides instant access to our channels of communication Chat and Voip.
  • TVP chrome Plugin developed by Futuragora has a direct popup to chat channels.
  • The FuturAI platform has a direct button to open and close the chat at channel #futuragora.
  • You can just open the IRC webchat without any additive if your are in a network or your mobile device have a light access.
  • You can also access our channel via the IRC network at "" but a irc client application is required. There are several options some of them are "Ircle for Mac", "mIRC for windows", Xchat for Gnu / Linux . If you use an irc client should connect to server using the command " / server " .
  • Futuragora provides a bounce access threw ZNC service to a channel this allows a user who is not online or connected to the network to receive all past messages and conversations that might interest him. Click at ZNC WebChat to enter your irc account via this page. To access your ZNC account using an irc client you must connect to the server with the following command /server futuragora 3001 and then put your user/password data with the command /quote pass user:password. This way when you connect you can access the latest conversations and messages.
  • You can also configure your ZNC account in the admin panel.